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The GCFN.NET Certificate Authority

Certificate authorities (CAs) are the notary public offices of the digital world. They issue digital certificates that validate a holder's identity and authority by using encryption technology. CAs embed an individual's or an organization's public key along with other identifying information into each digital certificate and then cryptographically "sign" it as a tamper-proof seal, verifying the integrity of the data within it and validating its use.

GCFN.NET functions as a certificate authority for purposes of identifying individuals and validating web sites. A certificate digitally signed by GCFN.NET's CA ensures that the stated identity of an individual and/or site is correct, and that claim is backed by the strength of the GCFN.NET trust network.

Trusting the GCFN.NET Certificate Authority

Whenever the trusted certificate you use expires, you may need to make some minor changes to your browser so that you can easily use GCFN systems. We have tested these instructions using Netscape 7.0, Mozilla 1.0, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 web browsers.

Click here to trust the GCFN.NET certificate authority.

Configuring Microsoft Internet Explorer

With your browser, point to the address of the certificate and save the file on your disk. Double click on the file and the Certificate Installation wizard will start. Because the certificate is self signed, Internet explorer will automatically install it in the Trusted root Certificate Authority list. From now on, Internet Explorer won't complain and any Certificate signed with this root CA Certificate will be trusted too.

You can also open it from Internet explorer which will display the certificate. Click on the button Install Certificate to launch the Certificate Installation wizard.

Configuring Mozilla and Netscape browsers

Download the certificate from the web server using your browser; it will automatically recognises that it has received a root certificate and will propose you to add it in its store. Follow the wizard to install the certifcate. At the end of the wizard you have to specify for which type of application you trust this certifcate: web site security, e-mail signing, or code signing.

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