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Privacy and Information Handling Policy

Access to a variety of online resources is restricted to registered users. This protects the owners, operators, and users of GCFN.NET from a variety of potential risks. Because we identify you through registration, we believe it is necessary to explain what information we collect and how we handle that information.

What information we collect

All online web page and image requests are logged, including the common usage information associated with the request: IP address of request, authentication information provided (if any), date and time of the request, what data object(s) were requested, whether the request was successful, how much information was sent, what web page link you followed to get to our resources (if provided), and what browsing program you used (if provided).

Of course, any information you provide to any online form at gcfn.net is collected and recorded, as well. Except in specialized, authenticated subsystems (such as webmail), GCFN.NET does not use cookies.

What we do with the information

Primarily, information is collected for statistical analysis and typical, industry standard system administration processes. As a statement of policy, we do not share any information collected with any third parties, and at no point does the information collected ever leave the direct control of GCFN.NET. We do not sell information collected, nor do we share it with anyone without your prior consent and agreement.

THERE IS ONE EXCEPTION. In the unlikely event that we are approached as part of a network security or law enforcement investigation, or if ordered by court order, GCFN.NET may opt to share some or all information it has gathered. Giving information to GCFN.NET is considered consent to this information usage policy.

Last modified June 26, 2005
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