William Yang

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William Yang

William "Bill" Yang is a small business owner and consultant headquartered in central Ohio. His consulting practice focuses on security, management, process improvement, and applications of technology to better meet business objectives.

Prior to starting his consulting practice, Bill served as the State of Ohio's IT Security Policy Officer, where he headed the enterprise IT security strategy unit within the Ohio Office of Information Technology. As the IT security policy officer for Ohio, he developed policies and strategies related to information assurance, homeland security, critical infrastructure protection, and operational cost containment for scores of Ohio government agencies and departments. Bill was a net profit center for the State of Ohio during his tenure, raising more than twice his salary in external funding to improve State of Ohio security.

Bill built experience as the director of IROC (Incident Response and Operations Center) operations at the start-up perimeter security company, Secure Interiors, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio. As director, he led a team of network security and information analysis professionals to provide 24 by 7 customer service, technical support, security intelligence gathering and analysis security services for the Secure Interiors Border Patrol service.

Prior to joining Secure Interiors, Bill was a senior system and network specialist at OSC (Ohio Supercomputer Center) in their New Initiatives and High Performance Computing groups. He had spent a year providing technical and scientific computing support to the higher education and research communities at five universities in Northeast Ohio, and handled system and network security analysis for systems within OSC. In addition, Bill led a number of software development projects and handles the application of Internet technologies to the cultural, social, and political enrichment of communities.

In 1994, Bill designed, built, and for seven years remained the lead system administrator of the Greater Columbus Free-Net, a community service providing information and Internet access to tens of thousands of users in the central Ohio area. To this day, he remains a part of their systems analysis team, providing architecture and policy guidance for GCFN's systems operation and administration team.

Bill's design and implementation of WORKsource in 1998 created a centralized job and training information repository for community service organizations and state and local government agencies in central Ohio. Bill also provided software architecture services to the Technology Policy Group's ECOM project, designing software and preparing qualitative analysis tools to measure the readiness of the citizens and businesses of Ohio and other states to engage in electronic commerce. He has also designed software for use in the Electronic Commons project, an experimental system designed to maximize citizen involvement in local problem solving and decision-making by ensuring communication between government leaders and the citizens of central Ohio.

Bill graduated from the Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, and since that time has been involved in fostering cooperation and trust between law enforcement, computer, network, and IT professionals. His efforts led to a formal recognition by the FBI "for exceptional service in the public interest." In 1998, Bill was one of six founding members of InfraGard, a cooperative partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and a coalition of thousands of academic and industry organizations across the country dedicated to protecting the critical infrastructures of the United States. He has served on the InfraGard national executive board, including a term as national chairman. He is currently active with security groups across the country.


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