William Yang - the less serious version

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William Yang

Highlight this link and press 'd' to download this picture

From left: Dax, (Bill's father) Simon, Bill, Sisco, and Bashir boldly face the unknown on the set of Deep Space Nine.

Bill's interests span a wide range of topics and activities, including tennis, history, politics, philosophy, theology, role playing games, the Illuminati: New World Order collector card game from Steve Jackson Games, cooking, and (if you really want to combine all of them) conspiracy theories. One of his big hobbies used to be playing with computers... however, working full time with computers has certainly cured him of that! ;-) He is currently writing his first book, which alternates between being a sci-fi/fantasy novel and a beginner's guide to using the Internet. We can only guess as to the likely result of that ill-fated project....

On August 14, 1999, Bill married his wonderful wife, Rosie.

In his spare time (when he's not trying to improve upon his automatically updated Thought for the Day program), Bill has been plotting to take over the world using only a Swiss Navy pocket knife, a VCR, and his complete collection of "MacGuyver" videotapes. On less ambitious days, he simply plans raising an army of angry people to bring about the utter destruction of any and all agencies that make telemarketing calls to you during the dinner hour by telephone or via e-mail with a massive letter-writing, phone-calling campaign (whereupon the irony would take care of the real work). On a less serious note, he claims that he endeavors to not take autobiographical information seriously. ;-)

There is an unsubstantiated rumor that Bill is, in fact, a clone of Mowgli C. Assor (which would be a great demonstration of the *real* power of UNIX as an operating system); however, reliable sources believe this rumor to have been spread by Bill's detractors....

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