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Summaries of Talks, Tutorials, Publications, and Presentations

This is a non-exhaustive list of talks and topics that William Yang has materials already prepared upon.

Prepared Presentations

  • Using Internet Standards to Control the Cost of Spam (formerly "I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Spam") - a standards-based attempt to control the cost of unsolicited electronic mail at the Greater Columbus Free-Net. (1 hour)
  • An Introduction to Computer and Network Security - an introduction to Internet security issues for system and network administrators, and people who manage system and network administrators (1 hour).
  • Are Your Systems Secure? - an introductory-level talk about the risks, methods, and strategies for making public access Internet and network computing equipment operate in a more secure manner.
  • National InfraGard - an introduction to the national program that partners government with industry to protect the critical infrastructures of the United States.
  • Secure Managment of Computing Resources - a policy-maker's view of computer, network, intranet, and Internet security issues. Issues include development of policy, cost-effectiveness of systems, and how to justify investments in security (1 hour).
  • Safe Computing Practices on the Internet - an introduction to Internet security issues for users, including discussions of risks and appropriate protective measures. (1 hour)
  • Developing HTML forms - a tutorial on writing user input forms for use on the World Wide Web, intended for HTML-savvy individuals (1 hour).
  • Programming for the Common Gateway Interface - a primer/tutorial on CGI programming on the World Wide Web (2 hours).
  • Choosing an Internet Service Provider - an exploration of the decision making strategies involved in choosing an ISP (20 minutes).
  • Secure Remote Access to E-Mail - a case study in how to make e-mail accessible to your users no matter where they are, or how they connect using the SSH tunnelling protocol.

If you are interested in learning more about any of this material, or in having William Yang speak to you or your organization on any of these (or related) topics, please contact us using our web contact form at http://wdyllc.com/contact.

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