Legacy Flexible Internet email services suspended

Per previous notification, legacy Flexible Internet email services were suspended for decomissioning on September 27, 2023. All transitions were supposed to be completed on or before September 11, 2023.
For the inevitable question: yes, the disks will not be destroyed for a period of time, but as time goes on, it will become (progressively more) expensive to recover data. If you have not completed archiving and moving your email services per our provided deadlines and wish for us to temporarily restore access to the box, we can provide a time and materials quote.

Announcing security enhancements to Flexible Internet email services

WDY Enterprises, LLC acquired the assets of Flexible Internet several years ago and has provided technical operations with an extremely small number of disruptions or changes to the user experience. However, to immediately counter an actual detected attack, we are instituting new protective measures for Flexible Internet services.
Flexible Internet is receiving a number of major security enhancements.
  1. We are introducing encrypted network traffic for webmail. Using encryption helps to protect your email account (both the username/password combinations used to access it, and the content of your email messages) from theft and misuse. This update is mandatory -- you will find yourself redirected to an encrypted interface, even if you try to access the "old way". You will likely want to update your bookmarks in the coming days.
  2. To detect and deter "brute force" attacks against your email accounts through the webmail interface, we are also instituting a second layer of authentication. Your browser will be forced to log in (with your Flexible Internet email address/password combination), before you'll be presented with the Flexible Internet webmail interface login. This means you will be required to log in twice before you can access webmail. This is also mandatory, and was the only way to integrate WDY Enterprises, LLC security capabilities into the legacy Flexible Internet functionality.
  3. POP3, IMAP and SMTP (ie: smart phone, or non-browser based access to your email) have also also been modified to detect and deter brute force attacks. These changes should be transparent.
  4. The final enhancement is optional. We now offer fully encrypted client access (smart phone and non-browser based access, via SMTP, POP3, and IMAP). However, this requires that you reconfigure your email programs to point at the correct hosts. While we advise that all accesses be encrypted, we recognize that this may pose difficulties for legacy devices and, thus, we have not made the functionality mandatory. If you would like to take advantage of encrypted POP3 and IMAP access, you can get the correct settings at http://wdyllc.com/support/OtherClients.html or at WDYLLC's support pages.

The new Flexible Internet email URL is https://wdyllc.com:8443/. You may want to update your bookmarks accordingly.