Because WDYLLC routinely collects and maintains data--including information about our visitors, customers, and clients--during the normal course of operation, WDYLLC posts this policy to describe and explain what information we collect and how we handle information in our custody.

    Network Service Connections
    All network service connections to or from our networks will be logged, with date, time, source, destination, protocol, and volume of information transmitted. When applicable, we may also link authentication information to specific communication sessions. We do not track your web browsing habits or e-mail activity except as it involves direct transactions with our servers, as we do not directly control user access to the Internet (even for dial-up users).

    E-mail transactions involving our servers
    Transmission E-mail transactions--which include the date/time, sender, recipient, and size of a message--are also recorded. Note that this does not in any way show the content of the communication. It shows only the existence of a communication.
    E-mail logins and access transactions--which include your user identifier, source IP address, total volume of data transferred, access protocols used, and the date/time of those transactions. In cases where errors (including authentication failure errors) the system may capture substantial amounts of the technical transaction data payload for analysis.

    World Wide Web activity involving our servers
    All online web page, image, or other web-accessible content requests are logged, including the common usage information associated with the request: IP address of request, authentication information provided (if any), date and time of the request, what data object(s) were requested, whether the request was successful, how much information was sent, what web page link you followed to get to our resources (if provided), and what browsing program you used (if provided).
    We do not use cookies outside of authenticated subsystems, and such cookies are used only to facilitate the performance of functions such as saving your personal preferences, maintaining the session state, and so forth in a single web browsing session
    We do not use persistent or third-party cookies.

    Web Forms and e-mail to WDYLLC
    Any information you provide to any online form on our servers or by e-mail to us is collected and recorded. Because these methods are generally used to provide services upon request, we may disclose information provided to us as reasonably required to service your specific request.

    Most of the data collected by WDYLLC is collected to allow the tracking, debuging, and resolution of technical problems and to measure the performance efficiency of the system. Some data is collected to facilitate a more active defense against network-based attackers, to contain costs, and to prevent and detect misuse and abuse. Some information is collected so that we can answer your questions or provide services to you. These are all industry standard purposes necessary to ensure the operational integrity of our systems and the services we offer.

    Generally speaking, WDYLLC does not share any information it gathers with any third parties, and at no point does the information we collect leave our direct control except as reasonably required to provide you with services you've requested. WDYLLC does not sell the information it collects through our servers, nor does WDYLLC share personally identifying information with anyone without prior consent and agreement. Please note that we take certain kinds of requests as implicitly giving permission to share minimal information with third parties as required to service your requests, including but not limited to:
    • Debugging and technical support requests, as necessary to investigate or resolve reported symptoms and problems,
    • Abuse reports (including but not limited to spam and DMCA notices), so as to provide our subscriber with an opportunity to reasonably defend against spurrious claims or as necessary to allow the subscriber to protect his or her interest, to the extent permitted by our terms of service.

    In the unlikely event that we become part of a network security or law enforcement investigation, or if ordered by court order or as otherwise required by law, we may opt to share some or all information gathered. Your submission of any information and browsing of this site is considered consent to this information usage policy.